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BE MY RAILS Autism ADHD Equation for parents and for teachers
BE MY RAILS Autism and ADHD Goals for Parent and for Teachers

9 GOALS — That will help autistic and ADHD children to reach their full potential

The nine B E  M Y   R A I L S goals serve as your guide to what you need to put in place for every child on the autism spectrum or with ADHD. They are the nine areas your child or student need help with to function to his or her fullest. Decide the goal to start with. Then, for each goal, choose among the 5 TOP TOOLS & TIPS on the Rails & Shine Website. You are ready to get going and will soon see the impact! The Rails & Shine Framework is divided into sections for parents and for teachers to provide the best guidance. Like The Rails & Shine Framwork on facebook to get tips and inspirational qoutes that believe in your child!

Pinterest boards for Teachers with students on the autism spectrum or with ADHD

Tools, links, and tips for teachers (preschool, school) with alternative ways of learning and motivating a child with autism or ADHD. Tips that will help the child learn and develop in school subjects or social skills. The first board has great ideas on how to teach math, writing, reading, drawing ... while respecting the child's learning style (visual, sensory or need to move). Also see "Autism & ADHD Problems and Solutions" in the boards for Parents.

Pinterest boards for Parents with autistic children or ADHD kids

Tools, links, and tips for parents who are looking for help in parenting or for fun activities with their child with autism, Asperger's or ADHD. Tips that will help the child feel motivated and to develop in play and social skills.

Find learning games, autism toys, and many more products in the ADHD and autism shop from Be My Rails

Visit The Autism & ADHD Kids Webshop — only one place with all the products specialized for teachers and parents of young children with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the other disorders that often co-exist, like dyslexia and sensory processing difficulties. The shop offers a variety of products to help you as a parent or teacher as well as your child:


ADHD Shop and Autism Shop for Parents and for Teachers

Autism Books and ADHD Books for Children

Children's books about autism and ADHD on the pinterest boards. You will find some of these ADHD and autism books in the web shop above, together with books for siblings or school friends. Your favorite ADHD and autism shop also covers a large selection of books with tips for teachers and parents and social skills books.