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Adrian and Super-A Autism and ADHD Book Anton och Super-A Autism och ADHD böcker

Autism Pictogram Wash HandsAdian and Super-A BakeAutism ADHD Cards LikeAutism ADHD Wait


The Autism & ADHD Family autism and ADHD life skills workbook

Social Stories with Pictograms in the First Adrian and Super-A Book: Bake & Wash Hands

Picture Story Books with Social Stories and Pictograms - Bake and Wait - for Children with Autism and ADHD Raily the Train with pictogramsAdrian and Super-A Bake picture 3Adrian and Super-A Bake Text

The Cover (The first Picture Story Book with Adrian and Super-A)

Adrian and Super-A Cover - First of Picture Story Books Autism ADHD Life Skills Workbook  Starters 1  - thmb Autism ADHD Workbook Starters 2 - thmb Autism ADHD Social Skills Workbook Smarties  1  - thmb Autism ADHD Special Needs Workbook   Smarties 2  - thmb

The Rails & Shine Framework for Teachers and Parents with Autism & ADHD Children

"Easy framework for Parents & Teachers to Enable the World for Autism & ADHD - showing the way to Autism & ADHD Tools and Treatments." Read more about this autism and ADHD framework. Or find these autism & ADHD tips on facebook.

autism adhd tips website for Parents and Teachers

The 9 Goals for Autism & ADHD Parents and Teachers

Autism and ADHD Strategy

The Life Skills from the first Picture Story Book with Adrian and Super-A