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"I was looking for  books where my daughter could find an autistic role model; fun stories about everyday life where the world was explained from her perspective and in pictures ...

I couldn't find any."

Jessica Jensen,
The author

Adrian and Super-A - Buy ADHD Books and Autism Books for Autistic  and Asperger Children

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With the help from Raily the Train and Thummie the Thumb, Adrian and Super-A take on the adventures of daily life. Why not join forces with our young superhero and friends, and tackle the interactive learning adventures together? Page by page as the unique story setup unfolds, the world will soon start to make a bit more sense ...   

"The whole concept of educating autistic and ADHD children has been handled in a unique way. The strategies shown are simple and very easy to comprehend. It is a fun book that deals with ordinary, day to day things in a playful way."

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The Adrian and Super-A books are international bestsellers.
They can be found at Autism Associations across the World. (Recommend them to yours!)


Autism and ADHD Childrens Books Author Jessica Jensen

Be My Rails - Publisher of Books about Autism and ADHD Books The Autism and ADHD Publisher

In the Be My Rails logo you will find a railway track, a symbol for the train-kids. The train-kids need their rails, a clear destination and their own time table. They can reach just as far, as long as we realize that they are not like the car-kids around them, who will stop quickly or just change direction. The Life Skills Learning Books from Be My Rails Publishing are written to help all kids with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD in reaching their full potential ...

Let's lay out the rails for our train-kids together!


Adrian and Super-A - Books about autism and ADHD for boys and girls The Life Skills Learning Books

Figure out how the world works with the help of social stories, pictograms and of course Thummie the Thumb. Even a non-verbal child can interact!

These are learning adventures that any child aged 3 to 10 will enjoy and keep coming back to for more. This unique book and workbook series takes a whole new approach to developing skills in children with autism or ADHD, and you can adjust the story to your child's age and ability. 

Let your child or students see the world through a superhero they can identify with!

The Books & Workbooks (more) ...


Jessica Jensen - Author of adhd books and autism books for kids The Author

Jessica Jensen has a degree in social science (majored in psychology), and she comes from a multinational family of teachers and published authors. She loves all things red, and left a prestigious IT-career behind her to write and illustrate books in a hammock – a red one.

Sharing the struggles of many parents to a child with an autism spectrum disorder or ADHD, the author herself has been searching for solutions that will make a day – any day – easier.

With this book series and the workbooks – she is really filling a need.

The Autism and ADHD Author (more) ...


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No, I give it TEN THUMBS UP!"

"I am Super-A too."

"I don't long anymore. It is a book!"


Raily the Train with Adrian and Super-A Bake and Wash hands - ADHD and Autism Childrens Books


Rails & Shine Autism and ADHD Framework for Parents and Teachers

"Added Structure
Daily Sameness"


How to create
S C H O O L  &  H O M E

in 9 steps

Rails & Shine Framework!